angular velocity

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(physics) the rate of change of the angular position of a rotating body

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Figure 5 presents the diagram of the set angular velocity of the seeker axis moving on the surface of a circular cone.
Following a resting period of one minute, four repeated warm-up trials at the angular velocity of 180[degrees]/s were performed.
For instance, if a player standing 15 meters away from the byline kicked an average football so that it was travelling at a velocity of 35 meters per second and had an angular velocity of 10 revolutions per second, the ball would bend around 5 meters towards the goal.
Angular velocity w of the drive axle is a parameter used for determining several important traction characteristics of a locomotive.
The angular velocity at release, together with the linear velocity of the ball center, determines if and where the ball hooks.
To incorporate all these studies, the aim of our present problem is to study of a magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) flow behavior between non-coaxially porous disk and the fluid at infinity which are rotating with different angular velocity in three dimensional geometry.
In packages of general shape (cylindrical or conical) the relation between the angular velocity of the yarn during unwinding [omega], the unwinding speed V and the package radius c at the lift-off point, where the yarn lifts off from the package surface, is (Pracek, 2007):
Our approach uses a combination of inexpensive gyroscopes and accelerometers in an energy optimization framework to estimate a blur function from the camera's acceleration and angular velocity during an exposure.
With the random setting of initial data the radiuses of the four wheels as well as the angular velocity of the main (drive) wheel are fixed at random, in this way, many different combinations of wheels and initial driving velocities can be visualized and assessed quickly, which is of great utility when the intention is to make many experiments in a short period of time.
The viscometer has an angular velocity range from 0.
The new Hybrid IS technology incorporates an angular velocity sensor that detects the extent of angular camera shake which is found in all previous optical Image Stabilizer mechanisms, as well as a new acceleration sensor that determines the amount of shift-based camera shake.
The technology will be able to analyse angular velocity and magnitude of the patient's motion, translating it into data and visual imagery that is easy to understand for the physiotherapist.
CAV stands for Constant Angular Velocity, and means that the disc is read/written at a constantly increasing speed.
So physicists at Leeds University revealed the unlikely answer to the age-old problem - the angular velocity of the pancake equals the square root of Pi times the gravity, divided by the distance the pancake is from the elbow times four.