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relation by which any position with respect to any other position is established

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While being one of the most accurate means of angular position determination, the autocollimator/multiangular prism is still not free of errors.
i] is the angular position of ith link while the transverse component of the displacement vector is designated as [v.
Angular position of the visual sensor is modified by the step motor at the moment when the characteristic point image exits the limits of the "interest rectangle".
austriamicrosystems' wide portfolio of magnetic angular position sensors meet a broad range of customer demands.
Additionally, in some cases (as with polygon/autocollimator), only a limited number of angular positions could be tested which is typical using Moore's Precision Index or the circular scale as the entire process of calibration can hardly be automated.
Using the big number of autocollimators also is not convenient, as they must be placed at different (fixed) angular positions and must be supplied of coaxial attached rotary encoder or polygon for readings to be taken.
Numerical differentiation of the swing plane linear and angular position data yields the linear acceleration of the hub path ([A.
The rest of the holes have angular positions as outlined in this chart.
There are three servo-controlled axes on the RMT: (1) the X-axis along the table, (2) the Y-axis along the column, and (3) the Z-axis along the axis of the spindle, with a manually reconfigurable adjustment of the spindle's angular position.
Procurement the Contract Involves Providing Various Kinds of Spare Parts and Electrical Materials: Angular Position Transmitter; Solenoid Coils; O2 Measuring Probe; Reference Air Pump; Lubricants; and So On
2 by pointing out the angular position of P point over a complete rotational period.
4, b) what resulted in angular position change of the spacer after pressure is supplied as shown in Fig.
The balance can be servoed over a range of [+ or -]175 mrad ([+ or -]10[degrees]), and held to a given angular position to within 500 nrad.
The angular position information is provided in the form of a serial data stream and as a PWM signal with a resolution of 4096 positions per revolution (0.
Since tool runout is significantly affected by the eccentricity of tool-tool holder-spindle assembly, researchers relate tool runout to parallel eccentricity, using for the eccentricity definition two parameters, its magnitude and its angular position referring to a reference flute.