angular artery

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the terminal branch of the facial artery

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16] He found that compressing the occipital, the superficial temporal, or the angular artery relieved the headache over the distribution of the relevant vessel.
According to Umansky et al, there are 4 types of branching patterns: 1) cortical branches arise as collateral vessels from a single trunk that terminates in the angular artery (6%); 2) the MCA divides into the superior (Frontal) and inferior (Temporal) trunks (64%); 3) the MCA divides into the superior, middle, and inferior trunks (29%); and 4) the MCA divides into 4 trunks (1%).
When bony stock is desired for the reconstruction, dissection should include the angular artery.
24) Deraemaecker et al (16) identified the angular artery that independently nourished the scapular tip.
Van Thienen mentions the angular artery, while Fontaine et al.