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Synonyms for angular

Synonyms for angular

Synonyms for angular

having angles or an angular shape


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described a nine-accelerometer array of linear accelerometers in a 3-2-2-2 configuration that offered matched pairs of accelerometers to cancel Coriolis components of angular accelerations [28].
A tornado-like vortex ([zeta]max) develops if angular momentum-rich air, which develops within an airstream that passes through the downdraft of a heat sink, is forcibly converged beneath the elevated heat source.
Results showed that stimulation to the left angular gyrus resulted in a faster comprehension of meaningful relative to non-meaningful word pairs when compared with both sham and right angular gyrus stimulation.
The first term on the right is dependent on polarization and hence it is called spin angular momentum S and the second term is independent of polarization and depends on spatial distribution and identified with orbital angular momentum L.
Angular cheilitis is inflammation of one or more commonly both of the corners of the mouth.
are the angular position, velocity, and acceleration of the club respectively.
While, Lindt 70 percent and 90 percent cocoa chocolates were associated with angular shapes and sharper sounds, the study discovered.
n and m are the radial and angular mode numbers, respectively.
The angular-velocity-based SCO, termed the Ottawalk-Speed (OWS), was designed to have the entire device enclosed in a compact knee-joint unit and meet the following objectives: engage knee-flexion resistance at a predetermined knee-flexion angular velocity threshold, permit free knee motion when not engaged, provide adequate knee-flexion resistance using only a single device located on the lateral side with a standard single-axis joint on the medial side, allow easy integration with standard orthotic components, permit easy adjustment of the threshold angular velocity required for engagement, have minimal frontal-plane dimensions to maintain cosmesis, limit the likelihood of medial joint contact, and function quietly.
NSK's recently introduced range of high performance angular contact bearings for industrial pumps has an optimised internal design that contributes significantly to lower running costs, allows downscaling of components, and saves energy by extending maintenance intervals.
In terms of angular size, the field is a fraction the angular diameter of the full moon, yet it contains thousands of galaxies stretching back across time.
8,9) It is less straightforward to reconstruct with high angular precision the elongations of the satellites at the right observation time, in order to measure the effective precision and resolution of Galileo's observations.
An optical encoder option provides additional angular position measurement to 0.
My problem is, what J happens to all that angular momentum?