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Synonyms for angular

Synonyms for angular

Synonyms for angular

having angles or an angular shape


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Its edges were so angular, and its size so great, tha I at first mistook it for a rock
As a particularly Angular man, I do not fit smoothly into the social circle, and consequently I have no other engagement at Christmas-time than to partake, on the twenty-fifth, of a boiled turkey and celery sauce with a--with a particularly Angular clerk I have the good fortune to possess, whose father, being a Norfolk farmer, sends him up (the turkey up), as a present to me, from the neighbourhood of Norwich.
standing over the Cox Street makes I hope someone like the university takes it over making it into a usable but amazing angular building, cutting the ugly linking arm from the swimming baths and opening up the ground oor with a proper welcoming entrance.
There were no correlations found relative to angular velocity.
According to sensory scientist Charles Spence, people make consistent matches between shape properties, and the generalisation that has now been documented across a range of food and beverage products, is that sweet is round while bitter is angular, the Guardian reported.
The AVBC joint was a self-contained unit with angular velocity sensing, activation, and application of hydraulic flexion resistance all located within the orthotic knee joint, enabling use in SCKAFOs as well as knee orthoses.
NSK is a major supplier to the global pump market and has worked with manufacturers to develop the new angular contact bearings.
The task is to consider the properties of forced oscillation of the first and second mass particles in a circular rough line with limited elongations, so the system becomes vibro-impact with one sided limited angular elongation.
I compared all of Galileo's angular measurements with the reconstructed elongations, obtained using TheSky 6 Professional Edition.
The derivation of the formula which relates the angular velocity [omega], the angles [alpha] and [phi], as well as the unwinding velocity V and the effective radius of the conic package at the lift-off point c, is more involved as in the case of cylindrical package, since one cannot use a simple geometrical argument in the present case.
It is obvious that not every sensor of angular rotation is suitable for the measurement of human head rotation.
The main spindles of high-speed machining centers and combined machine tools typically use duplex angular ball bearings in the front and either duplex angular ball bearings or cylindrical roller bearings in the rear.
Heart-shaped face A true heart-shaped face can be made to look less angular by creating some width at the chin.
Summary: Canon Middle East announced today the development of Hybrid Image Stabilizer (IS), the world's first* optical Image Stabilizer which compensates for both angular camera shake and shift camera shake.