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a metric unit of length equal to one ten billionth of a meter (or 0.0001 micron)

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Angstrom Engineering Ltd has developed a strong reputation in the local business community and has built relationships with a number of world-leading automotive companies.
FOR a short while Martin Jenkins was a member of the Angstroms, Martin went on to become a folk hero in Dando Shaft and as a solo artist.
We chose the Moscow model because of its simplicity (the model consists only of 13 formulas) and the possibility of changing the Angstrom wavelength exponent.
Carlisle credits his customers and his team at Joules Angstrom with the company's success.
Angstrom was founded in 2001 to develop high energy density micro-structured fuel cells.
Angstrom noted that Zimmerman has formerly worked for Softbank Asia Infrastructure Fund and the WWL Business Unit of the Samsung Group's Information and Telecommunications Division.
The positive results offer Angstrom the potential to clinically test the NexACT-A6 peptide at much higher doses while maintaining continuous coverage of the intended therapeutic target in human patients.
Murphy has joined Joules Angstrom, where he will bring his 34 years of ink industry experience to assist Mr.
Angstrom noted that the micro hydrogen light is fueled with a hydrogen cartridge capable of powering the unit for 20 hours of continuous operation.
21 /PRNewswire/ -- Frost & Sullivan's recent analysis of the advances in medical device technology for orthopedic applications recognized Angstrom Medica, Inc.
CLEVELAND -- In response to double-digit growth in its integrated marketing services business, Angstrom Graphics has created a New Business Development unit that offers creative services, cross-media applications, database management and analytics to select vertical markets.
North Vancouver, British Columbia-based Angstrom Power, Inc.
7 Angstrom and atomic resolution in STEM mode within minutes of each application.
Such is the case with Patrick Carlisle, whose new company, Joules Angstrom U.
Angstrom Graphics (F/K/A St Ives US Division), one of America's leading web offset printing companies, has successfully commissioned a second new Komori System 38 Web Offset printing press at its Hollywood, Florida, facility.