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My poor good man," said she, "why is Neptune so furiously angry with you?
I must go and see them that I may make peace between them: they have been quarrelling, and are so angry that they have not slept with one another this long time.
This made Dorothy so very angry that she picked up the bucket of water that stood near and dashed it over the Witch, wetting her from head to foot.
He was angry with himself, and when Sharp came in a little while afterwards he seized upon the first opportunity to quarrel with him.
However, most of the people were angry with me about one and the same thing; but Thibaut simply was jealous of me.
But his heart was bitterly angry, for his blood was hot and youthful and prone to boil.
How quiet, peaceful, and solemn; not at all as I ran," thought Prince Andrew- "not as we ran, shouting and fighting, not at all as the gunner and the Frenchman with frightened and angry faces struggled for the mop: how differently do those clouds glide across that lofty infinite sky
That makes me angry, and when I'm angry I can't have a good time.
The Saw-Horse gave an angry prance and rolled one knotty eye backward toward Tip.
But I cannot flash fire from my eyes unless I am very angry.
They still brought a flush of shame to her cheeks and a surge of angry blood to her heart.
If you would speak to the Earl on such a subject, you insolent young puppy, you may save your breath," thundered an angry voice, and Simon de Montfort strode, scowling, into the room.
An angry answer trembled upon his lips, but Oom Sam, white and with his little fat body quivering with fear, came hurrying up to them in the broad track of the moonlight.
He looked across at Penelope, but the angry flash in his eyes was met by an even brighter light in her own.
This crevice was too small to allow for the passage of Saber-Tooth, and he came out the way he had gone in, unsatisfied and angry.