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While many of us enjoyed the mild winter, Kieran said it had contributed to these angrier wasps.
I do not know who got angrier about Gjorcev's slip, Branko or Nikola, but the thing that has not answer is: whether Gruevski and Crvenkovski, regardless of how different, are an incident of history or is Macedonia a historical incident.
Now the stakes are higher and it's going to be even angrier.
Aaron sensibly points out that Moira wasn't exactly an innocent victim, but talking to his mum about the affair only leaves Adam even angrier, and when Cain then starts to rile him, the grieving lad finally snaps, right.
WOMEN affected by Government cuts will get "angrier and angrier and louder and louder", shadow equalities minister Yvette Cooper said yesterday.
David Cameron will learn that women across the country are not going to calm down," she said, adding: "In fact they are getting angrier and angrier, louder and louder and they will continue to do so until this Tory-led government drops their deeply unfair plans that turn the clock back on women's equality.
After messing around with it for an hour, getting angrier and angrier at those kids and the junk they leave in their pockets, I finally found the problem.
The Cult are back and lead singer Ian Astbury is angrier than ever.
If you haven't seen Screenwipe before, imagine an angrier, less surreal and considerably more foul-mouthed TV Burp and you'll be on the right lines.
This letter has played on my mind all weekend, and the more I thought about it, the angrier I got.
The more that emerges about those who were running the scheme, the angrier you feel at the way the customers were treated.
The government should take the protests seriously because what we are seeing is a pro-Thaksin movement getting angrier and angrier at what they see as injustice.
Alun Cairns, the Shadow Local Government Minister, seems to be getting angrier and more agitated in the Senedd as each week goes by.
You get a brilliant cumulative effect with Rhod's rants - he gets angrier and angrier as the routine gathers pace, starting slow with minor irritations but building cleverly and quickly around variations on the theme until he's bellowing and you're howling.
The shepherds were arrested, and presumably, they're even angrier in jail than they were when they beat up the umbrella-wielding Bangladeshi.