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Synonyms for Angora

the capital of Turkey

a domestic breed of goat raised for its long silky hair which is the true mohair

domestic breed of rabbit with long white silky hair

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a long-haired breed of cat similar to the Persian cat

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Angoras don't need a special cage, any will do, but I used a wire cage on the ground so he could eat the grass.
Alison added: "I love Angoras for their wool, but more than anything I love them because they make the best of pets.
The greatest Nei's genetic distances were found between the Angora and four Cashmere populations (0.
In the 1960s it had been thought Turkish Angoras had been wiped out through breeding with Persian cats.
Sharon (27) showed the cat to experts who confirmed Doublebush's ancestry and said that only Turkish Angoras which can be traced back to Turkey can be registered.
Carders often combine the softer wool from Angoras or llamas with sheep's wool.
At the end of 10 weeks, all breeds on the high-quality diet had gained about the same amount of weight: 45 grams per day for the Nubians and Alpines, and 60 grams per day for the Angoras, although 10 grams of the Angoras' daily gain was in hair.
The Nigora goat itself should be gentle, loving and even affectionate but because many Angoras are kind of flighty.
Exhibitors at the festival will be ready to advise smallholders and others who might be considering diversifying, or adding Angoras to their enterprises.
FROM poultry to ponies,crafts to cheeses, auctions to angoras - the Royal Welsh Smallholder Festival should supply all the answers.
Team chunky cable knits with soft angoras and mohairs, and wear them over the latest drawstring pants.
COUNTRYSIDE: Regarding Gretchen Grosnick's question about angora rabbits, I've had angoras for about 20 years or so and have been selling the fiber for about four or five years.
Goat classes will include dairy and pygmy breeds as well as classes for Angoras and an angora fleece competition.
Mrs Easter's Bunnies - that's the name of her knitting business - are in fact angoras.
Angoras produce soft, spinnable fiber and are super portable.