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an admirer of England and things English

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However, Mymatechris found a little extra on the big day to avenge a previous defeat and deny Anglophile the main prize by just a head.
This event constitutes the final of the London Middle Distance series and Anglophile was last sighted when being beaten just a short head in a qualifying event last week, with the reopposing Bancnuanaheireann proving just a touch too good.
Anglophile Bill Bryson, who found fame in Britain, told 1,000 fans at the Hay Festival of Literature in Herefordshire, that he believed things were better in the 1970s when he travelled here as a backpacker.
For all the Anglophile Angelenos who can't get enough of all things British, VisitBritain, the national tourist board for England, Scotland and Wales, in collaboration with Brit Week 2009, launches the new Brit Week 2009 Map, an insider's guide to experiencing Southern California with a British twist, and a practical tool to help plan a full-fledged trip to Britain.
The blonde - in London to promote her new reality series Paris Hilton's British Best Friend - was also bemused by the term anglophile.
If there is any area where Desai might have faltered, it must be her portrayal of Sai's grandfather, Judge Patel, who comes perilously close to being a literary type, specifically, that type of anglophile found in a number of postcolonial novels.
WHEN Kristina isn't displaying her wares around town, eating cheese-related products and chasing hot men in bands, she likes to slouch on the sofabed and indulge her inner Anglophile with a healthy dose of BBC America.
Hart, it seems, yearns for a High Church conservatism, soaked in Anglophile traditions, in which conservatives behave like William F.
American women read Harlequin romances with their markedly Anglophile stories, but they eventually began to demand stories that reflected their experiences.
Revisions of Space introduces each category of these projects with a short lecture about the importance of the space between rooms; evidently an Anglophile, he illustrates this with diagrams of buildings by architects from Smythson to Baillie Scott, and from Lutyens to Foster as well as by a few others.
VW, run by Anglophile Bernd Pischetsreider, needs an entry point in the sports car market to move buyers up through Lamborghini and Bugatti, and covets Lotus as a brand that can fill this need while credibly bracketing Porsche.
Quigley was well aware of the existence of this Insider-controlled Establishment, admitting in his book: "There does exist, and has existed for a generation, an international Anglophile network which operates, to some extent, in the way the radical Right believes the Communists act.
The British-educated, anglophile, Khalifa has kept close ties with the West.
I have finally found a name for my condition: it is called being an anglophile.
What Blackbird Dust chronicles in forty-five brief and mostly occasional pieces are the enthusiasms of this self-described anglophile and "hillbilly oligarch": interviews and forewords, reviews and eulogies in praise of "sternly isolated and sedulously ignored" outsiders such as poets Ronald Johnson, Basil Bunting, Kenneth Patchen; artists Ray Moore and James McGarrell; photographers Arthur Sinsabaugh and Harry Callahan.