angle of incidence

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the angle that a line makes with a line perpendicular to the surface at the point of incidence

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However the lift of the isolated wing exceeds that of the plane for the bigger angles of incidence.
In chapter four Saiber reaches the conclusion that the De gli eroici furori is a contamination of vision and desire, and she sheds light on the "angles of approach, angles of incidence, symmetry, and the prismatic, fragmented journey one must travel to gain knowledge of an ultimately elusive goal" (114).
The geometry of the system is what differentiates TXRF from XRE XRF systems use large angles of incidence, but TXRF systems have the X-ray source aligned so that the X-rays are incident on the surface of the sample at a very small angle, generally less than one degree.
However, since the 1980s, with the introduction of high sensitivity modern Fourier transform infrared spectrometers (FTIR), and in particular FTIR microscope systems, mid-infrared reflection-absorption spectroscopy at near normal angles of incidence has become quite a commonly used direct sampling technique for fingerprinting coating layers on reflective substrates.
The modified theory presented in this paper is valid for normally incident light but can easily be adapted for oblique angles of incidence.
Back in 1886, Dessau (1886) reported on depositing thin films using evaporation onto substrates at various angles of incidence.
6 were tested for reflectivity at several angles of incidence.
The design called for a material that would be a safety railing for a second-level, exterior mezzanine while acting as an effective sun screen to combat the sun's rays at high angles of incidence for lower level classrooms.