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the angle included by a photographic lens


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Its angle of view is equivalent to 45mm on a 35mm camera (which is similar to that of human vision), its minimum focusing distance is 11.
The tech specs include a 1080p HD camera, and a super-wide angle of view to achieve a better and brighter angle and space for capturing action.
In this new model, the lens especially excels not only in shooting dynamic landscapes with its wide angle of view but also in capturing moving subjects even in low-lit situations such as indoors or at night with its outstanding brightness.
The camera position can be adjusted three ways, providing any angle of view.
We are told that the Turin-born Sighicelli made these images in Cuba, and without the low angle of view and subtle manipulations they might be mistaken for that kind of exoticizing photography that presents the colorful, dilapidated interiors of Old Havana as metaphors for the failure of socialism.
As you walk down the street, the facade changes colour and appearance according to the angle of view.
5 ounces, the 10x50 Tundra binocular possesses a 62 degree apparent angle of view and a 324-foot field of view at 1,000 yards.
Maximum angle of view expanded approximately three-fold
25mm ultra wide angle of view lens with 4x optical zoom
2 brightness and 24mm ultra wide angle of view at the same time.
Its stainless-steel panels perforated by a grid of numerous small holes are either shinily opaque or surprisingly transparent, depending on your angle of view.
There is other imagery as well - in All Bets Off, 1995, a large skull, defamiliarized by its size, its angle of view, and the pasty, phosphorescent quality of its whiteness; in Breach, a man's prone body tied up under a wall.
AXIS M3006-V also supports digital pan/tilt/zoom, which can be used as a "digital varifocal" lens that allows the angle of view to be adjusted remotely after installation.
World's First Endoscope with Wide Angle of View, Slim Profile, and Large Working Channel Now Available
When you are close up or even in them, the bays formed by the vertical facets of the wall increase the apparent angle of view right round from Vauxhall across the river in the south to Hampstead on the northern slopes.