angle iron

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an L-shaped metal bracket

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A steel angle iron undercarriage frame was inserted into corresponding notches cut in the 2" x 8" wood floor framing and bolted in place.
A structural steel, angle iron can be used in countless projects.
Three, 2" x 1/4" x 12" angle iron legs with 6" x 1/4" thick round pads welded to the side made great legs and will allow it to set solidly on any type of surface.
It has a high-density 1-inch wood table with laminate surface that is ideal for strength and ease of cleaning; a 12-inch cast and machined wheel head that includes removable bat pints; electronic speed control; a one-third, six amp permanent magnet DC motor; removable legs; 3/16-inch angle iron frame; and is able to handle up to 20 pounds of clay.
Units are locked in place with steel rods running up the height of the walls, tensed by screwing bolts onto an angle iron at the top.
Between July 18 and 23, 2000, the Service's West Virginia Field Office, in partnership the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources' Non-Game Wildlife and Natural Heritage Program, constructed two angle iron gates at the entrances of Hoffman School Cave and Minor Rexrode Cave in Pendleton County, West Virginia.
On the underside, screw a flexible curtain track around the edges and screw an angle iron on to the straight edge.
The slatted gates, made of quarter-inch angle iron, allow for normal air flow through the cave and don't change ambient temperatures.
Two pieces of angle iron were welded together (Fig.
For stability (and easy rolling and unrolling), each shade was attached to a weighted winding spool--a 2-by-2 plus two lengths of '/4-inch angle iron 1-1/2 inches longer than the shade's width.
The minus 1/2 inch material falls into a catch tray which discharges into an angle iron sluice run and then into a distributor that feeds three expanded metal sluice runs.
Tenders are invited for (8) repair/maint of bs fence(sh:painting of angle iron post)
The materials list includes: 1" heavy wall conduit, 11/4" heavy wall conduit, primer and paint, flat lead, 11/2" x 11/2" angle iron, grass mats, black zip ties, hex head self-tapping screws, broom handle snaps, camo burlap, mesh trucking tarp, wire feed welder, conduit bender.