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benign tumor of smooth muscle (usually in the uterus or digestive tract)

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12) Based on morphology, the differential diagnoses for myopericytoma include glomus tumors, angiomyolipoma, myofibroma/myofibromatosis, and angioleiomyoma.
Angioleiomyomas are tumors closely related to myopericytomas, with considerable histologic overlap.
Angioleiomyoma is a relatively rare tumour of smooth muscle origin.
Histopathological examination revealed a well-circumscribed lesion composed of dilated thin-walled blood vessels with multiple small vascular channels surrounded by prominent thickened and whorled proliferation of smooth muscle, consistent with an angioleiomyoma of the solid subtype (Fig.
In this article, we describe an unusual presentation of a cavernous-type auricular angioleiomyoma.
The smooth muscle did not form well-defined vascular walls; this characteristic identified the lesion as an angioleiomyoma of the cavernous type.
These findings were consistent with an angioleiomyoma.
Hachisuga et al reviewed 562 cases of angioleiomyoma clinicopathologically.
Angioleiomyoma of the nasal cavity--Report of a case and review of the literature.