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a butterfly fish of the genus Pomacanthus

deep-bodied disk-shaped food fish of warmer western Atlantic coastal waters

sharks with broad flat bodies and winglike pectoral fins but that swim the way sharks do

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First record of the Emperor Angelfish, Pomacanthus imperator (Teleostei: Pomacanthidae) and the second record of the Spotbase Burrfish Cyclichthys spilostylus (Teleostei: Diodontidae) in the Mediterranean.
As predators themselves, angelfish combine maneuverability with stealth and jaws adapted to feeding on small insects and other prey.
Co-author Robert Gerlai, a University of Toronto Mississauga professor of psychology, and Luis Gomez-Laplaza of the University of Oviedo in Spain exploited the previously determined tendency of angelfish to seek protection in unfamiliar environments by joining the largest possible fish group, called a shoal.
Raising angelfish from babies was not a new idea to her.
Marine life includes brilliantly coloured angelfish, parrot and damsel fish and there are many operators who will get you down in the coral reefs to see them.
MARINE BIOLOGIST Chris Rader recalls childhood summers when his father, Environmental Defense scientist Doug Rader, would take him diving in the Virgin Islands: "Schools of butterfly fish and Queen angelfish would swim by," remembers Rader.
Schools of wrought iron butterfly fish darted back and fourth in the clear water; the island is renowned for these yuzen tama (butterfly fish clusters) as well as for its varieties of butterfly and angelfish.
The 20,000-gallon aquarium in the registration lobby contains an artificial coral reef home to 90 species of sharks, puffer fish and angelfish.
Habitat Bay teems with pompano and puffers and angelfish, many of which are rescued fish--some, for example, retirees from the flashy aquariums at Las Vegas casinos.
On a balmy early summer evening in May the DC Chapter met in evening dress with the Secretary of Transportation, angelfish, and a few alligators thrown in for an evening of fun and comradeship.
Descriptively exploring variations of angelfish and particulars of genetics, Breeding And Raising Angelfishes knowledgeably presents details of water quality, dietary aspects, reproduction, and diseases with respect to the quite beautiful and enduringly popular angelfish.
The present paper describes a new species of deep-dwelling angelfish that is provisionally assigned to the genus Centropyge.
There were sharks, angelfish, jellyfish, a seahorse and even a giant manta ray.
They found, for example, that a common lightblue color, familiar to fish fanciers in the bands on the blue-and-yellow angelfish Pygoplites diacanthus, matches the general bluish background a fish sees when looking into the distance through relatively deep water.
While Don Lino plots revenge, Oscar enjoys the high life and falls for dragon fish Lola (Jolie), much to the disgust of angelfish Angie (Zellweger), who's in love with him.