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STARDUST IN THEIR EYES Standing on your platforms, Reaching for the skies, Pockets full of angel dust, Stardust in your eyes.
PCP, or angel dust, is showing "signs of increased use," according to one recent study, which also notes the "date-rape" drug Rohypnol and Ecstasy "could be easily obtained in dance clubs.
Yes it's true, with this record we want to change the world," says band member Professor Angel Dust, smiling amidst a cloud of toxic smoke.
Ultimately, "Clatterford" feels like "Gilmore Girls" on angel dust -- noisy, in-your-face and potentially hazardous to your health.
For just pounds 11, customers can buy their own drug test to check for cannabis, opiates including heroin, cocaine, amphetamines and PCP - angel dust.
ANGEL DUST SERIES Loco Orange (shown) Psycho Forest Green & Lil' Pinky Pink
A nation of latchkey kids was either being driven mad by angel dust or getting abducted by brainwashing cults.
In her previous photographic and video work, she's played with the teen demotic idiom of horror and gore films, video games, and death metal while skillfully acknowledging artmeisters of such gooey, unstable territories, namely Mike Kelley and Paul McCarthy; but she laces her acknowledgement with the angel dust of the feminine and amps up the guys' contingent vulnerability.
More like Angel Dust, that dreaded drug that turns you into a raving loonie.
And Will Ferrell's ongoing drag impersonation in "Janet Reno's Dance Party" on Saturday Night Live features the nation's first female attorney general as a pathetic, love-starved nerd who throws herself at men and dances like a robot on angel dust.
Someone spiked the fish chowder with Angel Dust, sending 80 per cent of the cast and crew, including Cameron and star Barbarea Samuels and Wayne Grigsby, to the Dartmouth General Hospital for observation.
Drugs like marijuana and spray cans were around; now it's angel dust and crack that devastate the mind and early make young men old, except that, because of the violence, few survive in any case.
Devastated relatives were last night continuing a bedside vigil as gardai investigated whether hash they smoked was mixed with lethal animal drug angel dust or banned head shop highs.
Phencyclidine (PCP), known as Angel Dust, was first synthesised in 1926.
PCP is known in clubs as Angel Dust but was originally used as a surgical anaesthetic and was stopped because of its drastic side effects.