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Synonyms for anfractuous

repeatedly curving in alternate directions

not taking a direct or straight line or course

Words related to anfractuous

full of twists and turns

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Go there (it's still online), choose love or lust, and you will follow an anfractuous and unending path of either/or links like "In social situations, are you most often feared by others or protected by others?
Clinton's bathos oozing from my radio last Monday was so anfractuous in its oleosity that I began to sit up and pay attention.
Every fossil situated out of its normal orientation, every mountain peak, every anfractuous cave, every silted delta, every meandering river valley, every sheered tectonic plate studied through the lens of scriptural inerrancy (and tested by scientific theory) reveals its place in a knowable past and future - all linked, I realized at last, by a sense of purpose.
Behind the anfractuous courtesies there was a message alarming to the British government.