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relating to or affected by an aneurysm

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2] Giant cells containing lesions in small bones are usually aneurismal bone cyst or giant cell reparative granuloma.
bromyxoid elements: "Solid" variant of aneurismal bone cyst.
Contralateral ICA and AcommA aneurysms, the presence of vasospasm (after aneurismal subarachnoid haemorrhage -SAH), and artherosclerosis of the contralateral ICA or common carotid artery are contraindications to ICA occlusion.
The possibility of a vascular stump should be considered when an aneurismal lesion is present at the MCA bifurcation with moyamoya phenomenon at distal trunks.
Secondary changes, such as a metaplastic chondroid component or aneurismal bone cystlike changes, can include cystic degeneration with xanthomatous histiocytes and/or giant cells and myxoid change (Figures 5 through 7).
Endovascular treatment of vein of Galen aneurismal malformation: management strategy and 21-year experience in Toronto.
La propia definicion de la asimetria de los aneurismas condiciona la existencia de una superficie aneurismal muy compleja que ejerce una gran influencia en las principales variables asociadas a la integridad estructural de la pared y consecuentemente sobre las posibilidades de ruptura (Finol et al.
Bulsara KR, McGirt MJ, Liao L, Villavicencio AT, Borel C, Alexander MJ, et al: Use of the peak troponin I value to differentiate myocardial infraction from reversible neurogenic left ventricular dysfunction associated with aneurismal sub arachnoid hemorrhage.
This edition has been updated and expanded to include additional content on non-invasive hemodynamic and imaging modalities for the evaluation of peripheral vascular disease; expanded sections on the endovascular treatment of venous disorders and aneurismal disease; a new chapter on the treatment of complex carotid disease; the application of new technologies and techniques in the endovascular treatment of peripheral vascular disease in all chapters; and a larger size to accommodate larger images.
1: A testicular ultrasound, suggesting the possibility of mycotic aneurismal lesions.
16 ) Generally angiography was thought to be the gold standard in aneurismal detection; however, Choi et al found three-dimensional multidetector computerized tomography to be sufficient preoperative evaluation without selective angiography and the operative finding to be compatible with the 3-D reconstruction image.
The salvage of aneurismal fistulae utilizing a modified buttonhole cannulation technique and multiple cannulators.