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applies to nonhuman mammals: a state or interval of sexual inactivity between two periods of estrus

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It has been reported that P4+PGF+hCG is the best option to induce and synchronize estrous as well as ovulation regarding the administration of GnRH during the natural anestrus season in goats (Gonzlez-lvarez et al.
Induction of cyclicity in postpartum anestrus which is higher than the present study attributed to variable BCS and different managemental practices of dairy farmers.
The number of cows that had postpartum anestrus was four times lower in GG (6.
Ataman MB, Akoz M, Akman 0 (2006) Induction of synchronized oestrus in Akkaraman cross-bred ewes during breeding and anestrus seasons: the use of short-term and longterm progesterone treatments.
Anestrus refers to a nonbreeding period when estrus and ovulation do not occur and the female resists males' attempts at mating.
Clinical signs associated with hypothyroidism include lethargy, weight gain, cold intolerance, dermatitis, otitis, alopecia, muscle weakness, hyperpigmentation, bradycardia, anestrus, and infertility.
Anestrus (ahn-ehs-truhs) An extended period of sexual inactivity in animals that are seasonally polyestrous or monestrous.
The mare usually goes into winter anestrus between November and February or March.
Henao G, Olivera-angel M, Maldonado-Estrada JG (2000) Follicular dinamics during postpartum anestrus and the first estrous cycle in suckled or non-suckled Brahman (Bos indicus) cows.
The problems include anestrus, a condition in which a female never goes into heat; persistent estrus, in which the animal is always behaving as if it is in heat, with the result that the owner can't determine the appropriate time for breeding; a female's refusal to mate with a male, although showing all of the behavioral signs of readiness; and females whose heat cycles are normal but who never become pregnant after mating.