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Synonyms for anestrous

of or relating to anestrus

(of lower mammals) not in a state of estrus

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Numerous studies have focused on developing hormonal treatments to improve follicular development and induce a fertile estrous response in seasonally anestrous ewes (3).
Ovarian aromatase cytochrome P-450 mRNA levels correlate with enzyme activity and serum estradiol levels in anestrous, pregnant and lactation rats.
The inherently suboptimal functioning of hypothalamo-hypophysial-gonadal axis and consequently low circulating hormones might be responsible for higher incidence of inactive ovaries and true anestrous in buffalo.
Short-term treatment with a controlled internal drug releasing (CIDR) device and FSH to induce fertile estrus and increase prolificacy in anestrous ewes.
Low milk yield, poor reproductive performance (seasonal breeding behavior, anestrous, and longer calving interval) and low growth rate have been reported in buffaloes (Singh and Mehra, 1990; Qureshi et al.
The use of plasma progesterone profiles to predict the reproductive status of anestrous gilts and sows.
Supplementation of [alpha]-tocopherol in the diet of anestrous buffaloes steadily increased their serum tocopherol concentration (Kahlon and Singh, 2004); while VE supplementation from 60 days prepartum to 30 days postpartum had a beneficial effect on their plasma atocopherol level (Panda et al.