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Synonyms for anestrous

of or relating to anestrus

(of lower mammals) not in a state of estrus

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Examination of vaginal smears from these individuals indicated that the largest proportion of females were in proestrous (221 individuals, 48%), followed by the estrous (141 individuals, 31%), metestrous (70 individuals, 15%), and anestrous stage (25 individuals, 6%).
Effect of progesterone and/or estradiol treatments prior to induction of ovulation on subsequent luteal lifespan in anestrous Nelore cows.
Effects of estradiol and progesterone on circulating LH and FSH secretion, and ovarian antral follicle growth in anestrous ewes.
It can be referred to reducing estrus period, increasing fetal mortality, increasing probability of abortion and anestrous, reduction in lactation and enhancement of interval between calving and fertility [1,3,10,16].
4] Bennett-Wimbush K, Loch W E, Plata-Madrid H, Evans T, The effects of perphenazine and bromocriptine on follicular dynamics and endocrine profiles in anestrous pony mares, Theriogenology, 49 (1997) 717.
These fixed-time AI systems work well for the synchronization of estrus/ovulation, and also for the induction of cyclicity in anestrous animals.
Each year these seasonal breeders experience an anestrous period during which they fail to exhibit ovarian cycles.
Additionally, we noted if a male's testes were regressed or descended, and if females were anestrous or pregnant.
Strictly seasonal breeds of goats do not cycle out of season and the period of noncycling is termed the anestrous period.
11:40 "Effects of hormonal treatment on follicular development and oocyte quality in anestrous ewes treated with follicle stimulating hormone," J.
During late summer and early autumn, cows with calves and juveniles generally occupy the northern 'nursery' grounds, whereas large subadults and adults (males and anestrous females) occupy the 'rocknosing' grounds (Finley, 1990).
The exogenous source of P4 administered in a CIDR enhances plasma concentrations of P4, which increases the frequency of LH pulse and resumes the cyclicity in anestrous cows after its withdrawal (Stock and Fortune, 1993; Day, 2002; Rhodes et al.