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The anesthetic agent also had no effect on the QT interval, QTc, or Tp-Te/QT and Tp-Te/JT ratios during anesthesia.
But at the same time, it was a prospective study and KE was used prior to use of any other anesthetic agent if needed at all.
All patients had a free medical history and they were not sensitive to any anesthetic agent or its conservative and they were not taking any medication that may affect the response to the local anesthetic agent.
For these reasons, in this study, we aimed to share our experience, anesthetic agent chosen, associated postoperative complications, their frequencies and risk factors in pediatric patients who underwent tooth extraction under sedoanalgesia.
For instance, the introduction of the new generation, microprocessor-based intelligent anesthesia systems with integrated monitors enables monitoring of various parameters along with the precisely-controlled administration of the anesthetic agent.
When clove oil was inducted as an anesthetic agent, recovery times were relatively long and anesthesia was shallow in comparison with other drugs.
General anesthesia using inhaled anesthetic agents has become the veterinary standard for dental procedures.
These techniques have been modified as new anesthetic agents and adjuvants prove their superiority against their predecessors.
Ketamine is not recommended as a sole anesthetic agent because recovery is not smooth and muscle turgidity occurs (Muir et al.
The next break through was the discovery of a volatile anesthetic agent by a Botanist Valesus Cardus in 1540 by the name ether.
The first four patients enrolled in the clinical trial met the key efficacy endpoint, in that each was successfully weaned off his or her anesthetic agent while SAGE-547 was being administered.
The FDA official said the ruling was on a libel case that a pharmaceutical company had filed against members of the Philippine Society of Anesthesiology, who submitted a report to the agency about a potentially harmful precipitation in the delivery device of a gas anesthetic agent distributed by the pharmaceutical company.
HNK also appears to have several advantages over ketamine in that it is 1,000 times more potent, does not act as an anesthetic agent, and can be taken by mouth, the authors report.
Many nurses have had questions regarding whether the RN should be the one to administer an anesthetic agent even when a CRNA or anesthesiologist is present.
Cognitive impairment following electroconvulsive therapy-does the choice of anesthetic agent make a difference?