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reduction or lack of an immune response to a specific antigen

inactivity and lack of energy

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Tuberculosis skin testing, anergy and protein malnutrition in Peru.
Randomized trial of three regimens to prevent tuberculosis in HIV-infected patients with anergy [in Spanish].
Anergy, which was common among culture-positive TB cases, was associated statistically with older median age and was perhaps related to concurrent systemic illness and poor nutritional status among hospitalized patients.
Consequently, researchers have focused for years on understanding the pivotal role of the T-cell growth factor Interleukin-2 (IL-2) in the proliferation of T-cells following exposure to foreign antigens, and have been developing strategies to induce antigen specific T-cell anergy, the condition in which the T- cells do not fight off particular foreign substances.
In some parasitic diseases, increased antigen-specific IgG4 subclass levels correspond to a variable extent with the induction of antigen-specific T-cell anergy, sometimes associated with serious or disseminated disease (8,9).
Das and his colleagues have identified certain intestinal protein(s) associated with the disease, which may allow Anergen to develop an AnergiX compound that will induce a state of anergy or tolerance in these specific T-cells of the immune system responsible for perpetuating IBD without undue overall immune system suppression.
T cells that undergo this expansion can subsequently exist in a state of anergy or undergo apoptosis (56).
The MG/AnergiX selectively induced a state of anergy in these T-cells.
The complexes are believed to induce anergy or non-responsiveness mediated by the cells.
Patent 5,260,422 was issued to the company for Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC)-based compounds for the induction of anergy in T cells, a subset of the white blood cells.
The AnergiX compounds target and bind to CD4+ T cells implicated in the progression of disease, triggering anergy or T cell inactivation.
Schneider Electric in association with GVE Projects Limited commissioned the mini-grid solar project in Bisanti, Niger State and will be associating with Anergy Solar Limited for the commissioning of the project in Osun State.
Sylmmune is important for latent infections and to nudge the immune system out of anergy, SyCircue for inflammation and matrix congestion, SyResp and SyGest for gut dysbiosis, SyRegule for fungal infections, and Sylnfect as a broad-spectrum agent for infections.
Reversal of coccidioidal anergy in vitro by dendritic cells from patients with disseminated coccidioidomycosis.