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characterized by partial or total absence of a brain

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Debates about interruption of pregnancy in case of anencephalic fetuses, stem-cell research, penalties for drinking and driving, prison regimes, electoral public financing, authorial rights, are among those, which are being discussed through public hearings.
Anencephalic clones meet the definition of 'human being', and if surgeons 'kill' them during a full-body transplant, which depends on--
Hospital staff had also diagnosed the fetus as anencephalic, meaning it was missing part of its skull and brain and would surely die either before or shortly after delivery (NotiCen, May 30, 2013).
We are crossing lines, at first slowly and now with rapidity: killing unborn children for convenience; removing tissue from live fetuses; contemplating creating embryos for destruction in research; considering taking organs from living anencephalic babies; experimenting with assisted suicide; and contemplating euthanasia.
As a physician told the authors, ambivalence and wasted time led in his hospital to the otherwise preventable death of a teenager who was carrying an anencephalic fetus, or as was documented in 2003 the case of a woman with a molar pregnancy with a fetus with severe chromosomal abnormality.
Friedman, Taking the Camel by the Nose: The Anencephalic as a Source for Pediatric Organ Transplants, Col.
Teresi describes other populations of patients who could be potential organ donors: anencephalic infants and patients in persistent vegetative states (PVS).
86%) patients had anencephalic fetus followed by 6 (28.
Most studies have recorded an excess of female births with NTDs, with this finding being more pronounced when anencephalic births were analysed separately.
In this case the ultrasonographer informed the parents that their baby was anencephalic at the 24 week ultrasound scan.
And now I'd like to touch on the very disturbing story of Beatriz, a twenty-two-year-old E1 Salvadorian woman suffering from lupus, serious hypertension, and very serious kidney disease while also pregnant with an anencephalic fetus.
Receiving a special honor was a couple Francis met on Saturday after Mass at Rio's cathedral; they had brought him their anencephalic baby daughter to be blessed.
In countries with prenatal screening and liberal abortion laws, anencephaly has become very rare, because almost all women who are told that they are carrying an anencephalic fetus choose to terminate the pregnancy.
The frequency of anencephalic birth is being gradually decreasing with the widespread use of prenatal USG and maternal serum screenings (3).
Similarly, with the de-penalization of pregnancy termination in cases of anencephalic fetuses in Brazil and abortion under certain conditions in Colombia, the high courts have granted greater protection to reproductive freedom and women's right to health than to the protections of the right to life of the nasciturus.