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of flowering plants (especially grasses etc) that are pollinated by the wind

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The preceding observations are generally consistent with the biogeographic distribution of anemophilous species (Whitehead 1983).
However, it has to be considered that Weinmannia and Hedyosmum are anemophilous taxa (Hansen & Rodbell 1995; Weng et al.
According to these authors, the variation of protein can not be directly related to the attraction of pollinators, since pollen species zoophiles is richer in protein than anemophilous species, such as corn and coconut.
The possible role of insect visits in pollination of reputedly anemophilous plants, exemplified by Plantago lanceolata, and syrphid flies.
Fungic microbiota of normal conjunctiva, sugar-cane and anemophilous fungi of the region of Monte Belo - Minas Gerais.
These are deciduous trees up to 35 meters high with anemophilous pollination and high pollen production, estimated at 13x[10.
Maize is an open pollinating, anemophilous crop that produces abundant pollen.
is an anemophilous weed visited by bees in search of pollen in The Andes.
chinensis is anemophilous and male flowers produce copious quantities of pollen (from 113 000 to 181 000 pollen grains per flower; Buchmann 1987).
Pacini (1997) suggested that orbicules are absent in species with a strictly entomophilous pollination in which pollenkitt is present, and that they only occur in anemophilous species (without pollenkitt) and entomophilous angiosperms with a non-specific pollination syndrome: <<Only few taxa with a parietal tapetum with a strong entomophilous syndrome, such as the pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo) and orchids lack Ubisch bodies entirely>> (Pacini & Franchi, 1993: 5).