anemone fish

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However when the researchers exposed both parents and their offspring in more acidic water they found that the anemone fish, at least, were able to compensate for the change.
However Dr Miller cautions that anemone fish are particularly hardy by nature, and may not be typical of all fish in the ocean.
Both scientists warn that the major impact on ocean acidification is likely to be on the corals themselves, and the reefs which they form, which in turn provide the habitat for small fish such as the anemone fish.
You can visit the bottom of the ocean at the London Aquarium where you'll see over 350 species of underwater life, including the Clown Anemone Fish, just like Nemo
But parents eager to please their children with the orange clownfish or anemone fish are finding out that a Nemo of their own is a little more complicated than bringing home a goldfish from a carnival.