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The BMP pathway runs at a right angle to the Wnt pathway, thereby creating an asymmetrical pattern of neuronal cell types in the widely diffuse neuronal net of the sea anemone.
Mr Durrant calls it the fairy anemone "as it's so small, delicate and elusive".
You can find beadlet anemones, shore crabs, comical hermit crabs, shrimps that will happily climb onto your finger and cushion starfish.
ANEMONES are essential ingredients in the late-summer and autumn garden, adding height and clear colours in shades of purple, pink and white.
Other types of fish cannot hide or come near a sea anemone because their mouths are shielded with millions of cells that are filled with toxins and sting.
Japanese anemones consist of a number of named varieties of anemone hupehensis and anemone x hybida and are one of the most valuable late flowering perennials, especially for shady positions.
uk Lalique's dramatic poppy anemone perfume bottle makes a striking decorative centrepiece for daring black and white room sets.
Their bodies are hollow sacks with a mouth surrounded by tentacles (see Anemone Anatomy, p.
The anemone hermit crab has a mutually beneficial relationship with the small sea plants called anemones.
Sharing the lanes with Anemone, from the tournament's second group, Cockscomb registered a team total of 3,102 pins while Anemone went for 3,424.
Prosecutors suspect that building entrepreneur Diego Anemone, who is under investigation for corruption, bestowed favors -- if not outright bribes -- upon scores of people to win public works and other lucrative contracts.
It's one of the few places in Sarasota where I've been able to find a giant anemone (and the only one I have ever found within 20 miles of shore).