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pertaining to the measurement of wind speed and direction

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A Novel Technique to Determine Free-Stream Velocity from Ground-Based Anemometric Measurements During Track Tests," SAE Int.
The required use of a track-side anemometer during coast-down tests, following recommended practice SAE J1263 (4) [3], was only aimed at determining whether the mean wind speed was below the admissible limit of 16 km/h but this anemometric data was not utilized in the analysis.
In the present work, a novel technique is proposed to predict the free-stream wind velocity from track-based anemometric measurements using "Taylor's hypothesis", a useful approximation first proposed by British physicist Geoffrey Ingram Taylor [13], This analysis technique is applied to correct the onboard anemometric measurements to free-stream conditions.
These values are then used to apply a "free-stream calibration" to the anemometric data sensed by a boom-mounted anemometer measuring the biased apparent wind at point a (see Figure 2).
The anemometric information measured at point AN propagates over a distance F (the fetch) to reach point c some time after the measurement was made.
Purchase and delivery of anemometric in connection with the implementation of the project "modernization and construction of new infrastructure and scientific research military university of technology and warsaw university of technology for joint research the numerical experimental air turbine engines" no poig.
Both the old and new anemometric sensors used on AF's A330/A340s and A320s are made by Thales Group.
Study of autonomous mobile sensing system for localization of odor source using gas sensors and anemometric sensors.