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a gauge for recording the speed and direction of wind

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Due to a lightning strike at the Walden site, this anemometer will remain until the summer of 2005.
When a decision is made to refuse a anemometer for reasons discussed, a level of pre-judging of a future project, which has not as yet materialised into the public realm is being given.
We are opposed to the anemometer but we feel the council should also look at this in the round, because the mast would be a precursor to a potential wind farm.
Even the anemometer would be four times the height of the Angel of the North, so we are opposed to that going up in its own right.
2, power supply to the flaw,3) Inspection Camera, binoculars, magnifying glass, Wideoendoskop, display glass thickness, speculum A mirror,4) Anemometer, Luxmeter, Clamp Meter, meter installation, insulation resistance meter, infrared thermometer, radiometer, electronic stopwatch, tachometer,5) The universal protractor, measuring wedge, caps, key tags, Digital Levels, retractable measuring
An application by Energy Workshop Ltd to install a 50m-high anemometer pole at Airy Holm Plantation, Kiln Pit Hill, for 36 months was deferred for a site visit by councillors at a meeting in Hexham.
The goal of OEMC's anemometer loan program is to capture the data collected by the anemometers, such as the direction, force and speed of wind.
The use of the anemometer as the premier mass flow-measuring sensor is one of SensorMedics' most significant engineering advances for pulmonary function, respiratory mechanics, cardio-pulmonary exercise testing and nutritional assessment.
Force Nine Energy Ltd won permission from Berwick Borough Council to site the anemometer ( used for measuring wind-speed and prevailing conditions ( at Barmoor near Lowick.
The weather station includes a rain gauge and anemometer to measure wind speed and direction.
The anemometer poles would be secured in place by steel ropes and used for two years to allow the company to collect detailed wind data.
The land for the anemometer and perhaps a future turbine is owned by Newburg resident Wayne Lindstrom.
They feared approving the anemometer mast would pave the way for an application to build a cluster of 125m-high turbines in an area not marked in policy documents for wind farm development.
Featuring an extra large thermometer, for readings in Celsius and Fahrenheit, it also has an incremental rain catcher, anemometer to observe wind speed and a weather vane.