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Synonyms for anecdotical

characterized by or given to telling anecdotes

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The perception that Greenland halibut may be a pelagically distributed species has primarily been based on assumptions, anecdotical information, and circumstantial evidence.
There is anecdotical evidence of small quantities of asbestos having been used in a factory producing printing machines in the gaskets for the hoods of the drying sections and in a textile (silk) workshop in pipe laggings.
Although there is no internationally comparable database on tuition fees, this anecdotical evidence suggests that tuition fees remain very low in Switzerland compared to some other countries.
The phenomenon of sunk costs is well-known from anecdotical examples (e.
It seems to me that other aspects of Balinese paintings and their artists are still looked at from the angles of tourism, development and other studies and often shockingly anecdotical.