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characterized by or given to telling anecdotes

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This type of question goes beyond the anecdotic but it is still short from developing positive attitudes toward other cultures.
Flint tools, on the other hand, are really scarce -only two- and can be considered anecdotic.
Previous studies on this species collected important information including observations of nests and social issues, but information on nectar and pollen sources are anecdotic (Otero 1996, Otero et al.
In fact, news programmes are constructed with a good dose of "show business": they offer brief, decontextualised and anecdotic items.
Though our evidence in this section is merely anecdotic, it indicates a possible extension of our findings to corporate strategy.
Few anecdotic surveys claim that microfinance has deep shock-resistant roots.
These might tell about social events he was involved in, transactions such as bridewealth paid by his family, and other shared experiences such as working together or hunting trips or anecdotic stories, interspersed with many deep sighs of "Oh Jowage, oh Danda".
Previous evidence of potential presence of jaguar in Michoacan was an anecdotic sighting from the municipality of Coalcoman (Brand, 1961).
Created almost half a century after the wars of independence of all the countries in the American continent (except Cuba and Puerto Rico) and while the romantics and modernists looked at the European past for their models and their escapism, Palma looks back to the anecdotic during the colonial era, using middle-and upper-class characters.
Nevertheless, such a conclusion raises an obvious question: Why do the mass media still massively sell news or opinions that are either so anecdotic as to be meaningless or on the contrary so encompassing as to be unverifiable?
For now, we believe that our preliminary proposal of a mining ergology model makes finds such as Copper Man--hitherto the leitmotif of pre-Hispanic mining--a more integrated element in pre-Hispanic mining systems of Northern Chile, rather than an anecdotic find.
The anecdotic example of the decade-long process on Turkey's joining the EU does not seem very encouraging for the countries of the