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Synonyms for anecdote

Synonyms for anecdote

an entertaining and often oral account of a real or fictitious occurrence

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short account of an incident (especially a biographical one)

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And while he called the book "mostly correct," Musk took issue with some of the anecdotes in it, particularly its depiction of how he parted ways with his long-time assistant Mary Beth Brown.
And suddenly, your partner can't concentrate on what the other woman is saying anymore, because you're telling Your Anecdote, and all she can hear is certain key phrases - "so we called the AA.
After his apple-ripping stunt brought the house down during the previous series, Mortimer steals the show again tonight with two lengthy anecdotes from his childhood that are guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes.
A cricket writer, Michael Atherton, who reviewed Cowan's book "In The Firing Line: Diary of a Season", also reproduced in his work an anecdote about Pieterson not being able to recognise bread and butter pudding when it was served to players at Bellerive Oval.
For example, symbolic vicarious reinforcement may occur when a model tells a personal anecdote about how she or he behaved in a particular way and experienced positive outcomes.
Mr Phillips, chairman of the Commission for Equality and Human Rights (CEHR), told the anecdote as part of a speech he gave at a private Imperial College London dinner.
DO you have an anecdote about rugby league legend Douglas (Dougie) Clark?
An interesting anecdote about communicating about mathematics is this one:
These anecdotes include such diverse but similar musical personalities as Fred Waring (director of the Pennsylvanians chorale) and music-loving comedian Jackie Gleason, whose anecdote segues into a Theodore "Sonny" Rollins escapade without missing a beat.
Hence he would suddenly purse up his mouth in a pointed but ludicrous fashion whenever Boswell came into the room, and sit as mute as a fish till that angler for anecdote and repartee had left it.
Tell Me How You Love the Picture" darts from one anecdote to another without building momentum or drama.
One such anecdote was recently published in a Wall Street Journal column debating whether now-deposed Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina should have been more forthcoming about how dire her situation had become in the days leading up to her termination.
Are we dramatizing an anecdote or passing along a bit of hearsay?
It is tempting to reply with even more anecdotes of successful heroes, but arguing by anecdote is not, ultimately, a convincing approach.