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Careful analysis of the anecdotal records and students' work samples as well as the results of the comprehension tests seem to suggest that the independent use of the reading comprehension strategies was effective across all groups for students of all reading abilities.
Teachers used checklists, anecdotal records, reflective journals, children's work samples, interviews, observations, or time sheets.
Because anecdotal records are time-consuming, instructors should use them for behaviors that are not easily assessed by other means.
If the portfolios, excluding anecdotal records and teacher observations, remain in the student's possession (and are only collected by teachers at the time of interviews or reporting to parents), such documentation has more of an impact on the student's learning because they are student files.
Anecdotal records from classroom visits and professional development sessions indicate that teachers are satisfied with FUSION's overall structure and comfortable with lesson implementation.
I observed the students at work and play, keeping a reflection journal and anecdotal records of my observations.
The first chapter includes anecdotal records and case studies that exemplify problems faced by individuals with ADHD.
Further evidence was gathered in the project supporting the existence of this problem including academic records as well as anecdotal records of student behavior.
The logbook also contains anecdotal records based on observations of the children during their daily interactions with materials, activities and each other.
Students' academic progress was assessed using anecdotal records, document analysis, and teacher surveys.
Methods of assessment of faculty knowledge included a survey, questionnaire, document analysis, and anecdotal records of informal conversations.