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Synonyms for anecdotal

characterized by or given to telling anecdotes

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This anecdotal and satirical work, speaks to the taboos of swearing and appropriate communications to aimed at aiding parents through true to life fictional narrative and lessons-learned.
Any claims of therapeutic benefit are purely anecdotal.
This red and gold-embossed hardcover features an entertaining and anecdotal biography of Tzu, a preface by the translator and appendices containing biographies on the commentators and Wu Ch'i's 'Art of War,' an assemblage of strategies designed by that man compiled after his execution in 381 BC.
Moreover, we have seen anecdotal reports of persons with clinical signs and symptoms of Lyme disease and epidemiologic evidence that suggests local acquisition.
Rosen rakes us on an anecdotal journey through this "new Iraq," chronologically intertwining his own experiences there with the historical and broader political and ethnic reasons for the country's relatively rapid decline into chaos.
Anecdotal evidence of "selfoproclaimed ex-gays" doesn't prove his claim that some gays can switch.
Gurney's fast-paced and thoroughly informative history of the compass--enriched by an anecdotal narrative style', nicely supplemented with drawings, illustrations, and a bibliography of more than 170 sources; and fortified by documentation gleaned from hundreds of diaries, logs, and firsthand accounts--draws upon an assorted cast of historic characters (sailors, explorers, scientists, and engineers) as well as on diverse disciplines (astronomy, mathematics, geography, oceanography, meteorology, cartography, and medicine).
Please e-mail any anecdotal evidence, issues and/or questions you have regarding this program to taxletter@aicpa.
The use of anecdotal vignettes and excerpts of student dialogue help to illustrate the application of these principles.
Preschool assessment continues with daily anecdotal observations of children's progress toward IEP goals and objectives.
This tendency, along with the anecdotal and repetitive style, gives the strong impression that we are reading a collection of lecture transcripts--rather than new work.
As with most of the book's assertions, Canseco makes his case almost entirely with anecdotal evidence.
Each biographical sketch includes birth and death dates, if available, basic biographical information, some fascinating anecdotal material, and bibliographic references.
The study places numbers and facts behind what has previously been anecdotal evidence, and as such, is an important first step toward improving prevailing conditions.
In each title, author Greg Brown teams up with a particular sports star to tell an anecdotal style life story that will engage a young readers total attention from first page to last.