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used of a single unit or thing


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The book begins with an introduction of aims and methodology by Chavalas, including an example of the kind of historiographie problems that face those studying women in the ANE, in particular, the ostensibly on-going question of the existence of sacred prostitution.
His attitude changes when the bouquet proves to be the first of a series of anonymous floral gifts Ane receives every Thursday at the same time.
According to ANE principle, various frequency components are controlled during equalization process.
METHOD A mixed-method design using an online survey was used to collect and analyze demographic data and teaching philosophy statements from 375 ANEs.
You can well imagine acquisitions under the auspices of the holding company, but we have no concrete ideas," says Ane Maersk Mc-Kinney Uggla quoted as saying.
Ane stel klaarblyklik nie belang om met haar kontak te maak nie en wil nie haar nuwe lewe in Amerika kompliseer met so 'n ontmoeting nie.
Ane is the result of the indexing of all the information from the http://www.
The proposed diagnostic criteria for ANE include: 1) rapid loss of consciousness, convulsions and coma ensuing within 24 hours; 2) neuroimaging showing multiple symmetrically distributed brain lesions, in the thalamus, brainstem, periventricular white matter and cerebellum; 3) absence of hyperammonaemia and hypoglycaemia; 4) no history of aspirin intake; 5) increased CSF protein without pleocytosis.
Already a star in her native Norway, singer-songwriter Ane Brun is sure to shine further afield with her It All Starts With One album.
Fung's power game matched up well against Ane Nie, but Nie's low serve-and-shoot style kept Fung offbalance in the first game as she won 21-17.
ANE BRUN IT ALL STARTS WITH ONE EXPOSED, dramatic and stirring, Ane Brun's music reflects the landscape of her native country.
offering one of the best selections of liquor, beer, ane wines and cigar with large walk-in cooler (8'x32').
The European automotive industry's top ten executives, adds ANE, have earned their awards through daring, courage, and success.
Middle row: Shannon Becker, Ane Smit, Caitlyn Osborne, Nicole Vander Meulen, Emily Hutchinson, Sam Becker, Mary Buller (honourary Canadian from Colorado).
A lorry driver from Germany narrowly avoided a ane for driving while using a mobile phone because he claimed he was using it as an ear warmer.