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broad-leaved evergreen Asiatic shrub with glossy leaves and drooping clusters of white flowers

any of several shrubs of the genus Andromeda having leathery leaves and clusters of small flowers

(Greek mythology) an Ethiopian princess and daughter of Cassiopeia

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Andromeda Box is a trademark of Marvell and/or its affiliates.
Despite the distance to Andromeda, the absence of dust and gas in that direction allows an unhindered view of the feast, giving scientists key new insights into how jets are produced.
14) It should cause no surprise, then, if the answer to the question of the origin of the paintings varied in each case, and it is precisely in order to understand a few of these variables, the aforementioned unique fact that the paintings of Andromeda and Prometheus constitute a diptych and that they are attributed to a named painter, that the present study focuses only on these paintings.
Back in 1996, Michelin was the original launch partner for the Andromeda Training Workshops and they have put some 30,000 people through the workshop under license.
Imaad Rahmouni (previously an associate of Philippe Starck) and Andromeda have also collaborated on Klubb Rouge lounge and restaurant in the Chinese capital of Beijing.
The only libretto that has survived in Lithuania is that of The Andromeda.
Long before this latest clash exploded, Andromeda Hill was a stage of open conflict between the Arab population of Jaffa and the state of Israel.
Andromeda was rescued by hero warrior Perseus, a son of god Zeus and a heroic warrior, who killed the evil snake-headed Gorgon monster Medusa then defeated the sea monster to win the princess's hand in marriage.
AN international team of astronomers -- led by Puragra Guhathakurta of the University of California-- has identified two new tidal streams in the Andromeda galaxy, the nearest galactic neighbour of the Milky Way.
After taking a good look at Jupiter and its four moons, I pointed the scope almost directly upward to an area of the sky between the constellations Andromeda and Cassiopeia.
Ao Andromeda AaeeatsAAE other galaxies An international team of scientists have made a remarkable discovery about the Andromeda galaxy, namely that it contains Aoremnants of dwarf galaxiesAo which have been consumed as the galaxy expands.
Stars around the Andromeda Galaxy - many seen for the first time -were captured by an international astronomy team in the largest ever panoramic survey of the system.
Stars around the Andromeda Galaxy were captured by an international astronomy team in the largest ever panoramic survey of the system.
Summary: From the Knit element to Fluxus artwork: thanks to the cooperation between Karim Rashid and Artist Michela Vianello, Andromeda defines a new aesthetic expression of motion in space.
Even the veil that separates the mystery of the divine from the human (as Andromeda expresses it) is another metaphor like "through a glass darkly.