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Synonyms for android


Synonyms for android

an automaton that resembles a human being

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If your hardware isn't supported by either of these projects, you can also try installing them in VirtualBox, which should be a little faster than the official Android emulator.
the world's leading provider of Enterprise Mobility Management(EMM) and Bring Your Own Device(BYOD) policy management, today announced that it has significantly expanded its Android OEM partnerships to encompass more than 35 of the leading Android device manufacturers globally.
The internet giant has teamed up with Nestle, with the title following other sweet-themed names such as Android Cupcake and Android Jelly Bean.
As Android devices and technologies continue to evolve, the embedded Android market is facing a growing need for greater security capabilities.
First, the patents in question are not unique to HTC--they are integral to the Android OS itself.
Digital multimedia specialist CyberLink Corp (Taiwan:5203) announced on Thursday PowerDVD for Android, an Android device app that plays videos, photos and audio files on mobile devices.
We already have more than 3,000 members of the Android on MIPS community, with upwards of 40 new registrants each day," said Art Swift, vice president of marketing, MIPS Technologies.
Xamarin, a leading provider of development software to simplify the creation and operation of cross-platform mobile apps targeting phones and tablets running iOS, Android and Windows, today announced availability of the Xamarin Designer for Android, giving developers a drag-and-drop visual environment to create native user interfaces for Android apps from within Visual Studio or Xamarin's IDE.
Android Pay allows customers who register their PNC consumer or small business debit or credit cards to make purchases using any eligible Android mobile device at participating merchant locations.
If the update does not show up, users can still install the new update by downloading and flashing the device with the appropriate OTA ZIP file, says Android Geeks.
These multiple monitor configurations now allow backseat passengers to enjoy not only larger screen viewing but also all of the features that Android has to offer while still supporting DVD.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Android Circuit is here to remind you of a few of the very many things that have happened around Android over the last seven days.
com)-- Packt is pleased to announce the release of Android Native Development Kit Cookbook, a step-by-step tutorial with more than 60 concise recipes designed to enhance your Android NDK development skills.
This week The Sunday Times' award-winning app edition becomes available for the first time on Android tablet devices.
Google's decision to create a new Internet-centric OS for netbooks shows the limitations of the Android mobile OS for netbooks and raises questions about its future on those devices, developers and analysts said.