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having both male and female characteristics


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Analogously, in The Devil Wears Prada (2006), she's the raggedly dressed and androgynously named Andy Sachs who lands a job in the fashion industry in New York where her dress size--8
It doesn't put hair on our chests, it keeps them androgynously smooth.
Hirokawa, Dohi, Yamada, and Miyata (2000) empirically studied about 50 university students who were sex-typed or assessed androgynously by self-reported questionnaire.
The brochure for the UK touring show by the androgynously titled Lady Boys of Bangkok is as sassy as the production it aims to serve.
Designers have crossed the gender lines, making a beautifully, bold fashion statement with a delicate mix of formal elegance and androgynously hip designs.
Transgenderism is an individual and collective phenomenon of the 1990s, as Nanda explains: "Transgenderism includes a continuum of options, from individuals who wish to undergo sex reassignment surgery to those who wish to live their lives androgynously.
One woman, androgynously named Billy, cross-dresses as a boy in order to accompany her husband into Rhodesia; this never poses a threat because she is later described as a charming hostess (and, perhaps, she is given some leeway because she is originally from working-class East End London).
Transcending all gendered divisions between the image and the word, Woolf androgynously merges masculine and feminine perception, enabling Lily and Mr.
His best friend and fellow misfit is same-aged cousin Lou (Harriet Beattie), as androgynously tomboy as he is femme.
Drusilla carries the burden of this representation into "An Odor of Verbena," standing finally outside the circle of violence and retribution in which she has androgynously moved throughout the novel.
And from the beginning of my professional life in therapy, from the androgynously dressed, effeminate gay man dying of HIV/AIDS who was my very first private-practice client, many people have come to me--as I expect they have come to my panel colleagues here today--because they believed I would feel more comfortable hearing about their sexuality than other therapists they knew about, and therefore they believed they would also feel more comfortable with me.
Glam performers often dress androgynously in makeup and glittery, outrageous costumes.
Samson runs the show for Management, a seldom-seen but androgynously voiced entity of great authority and mystery who resides behind a veil in a wagon with a "Management: Do Not Enter" sign on the door.
Orlando, for example, exemplifies a higher level of gender awareness and expression that is more androgynously presented as the character undergoes an incarnation of each gender.
The androgynously named Charlie is the female protagonist of King's Firestarter (1980).