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having both male and female characteristics


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As is clear from this quotation, when the lean, tanned legs of the boys are first introduced they are androgynously coded, even if quickly resolved into young male form.
Drusilla carries the burden of this representation into "An Odor of Verbena," standing finally outside the circle of violence and retribution in which she has androgynously moved throughout the novel.
And from the beginning of my professional life in therapy, from the androgynously dressed, effeminate gay man dying of HIV/AIDS who was my very first private-practice client, many people have come to me--as I expect they have come to my panel colleagues here today--because they believed I would feel more comfortable hearing about their sexuality than other therapists they knew about, and therefore they believed they would also feel more comfortable with me.
Glam performers often dress androgynously in makeup and glittery, outrageous costumes.
Camille Paglia traces Elvis's androgyny back to the Greek aesthetic ideal embodied in the beautiful boy, "the adolescent in bloom," hovering androgynously between his male future and his female past (114-15; 361-64).
Despite their strait-laced, Protestant, Midwestern values, Hemingway's parents raised him and his sisters androgynously, teaching all of them both domestic and outdoor skills, and going so far as to dress them and cut their hair alike.
Torn Maps' is a snapping, new-wavey alt-pop song with, true to Gender-Bender's name, androgynously piercing vocals.
Dressed androgynously in a white cotton blazer with matching white jodhpurs that she designed for her own clothing line, Tinc, which occupies most of her time these days, she tends to listen more than talk.
She is androgynously dressed in tight leather pants and a large navy T-shirt, but as she runs her hands up her rail thin arms, we can see her long fingers are tipped by the most beautifully manicured talons.