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having both male and female characteristics


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And indeed, there is some agreement that the romance's characterization sets forth a broad gray area of androgynous sexual self-representation, distinct from matters of transvestism and homosocial affection, between the two biological genders.
A second level could be, as Wind proposed, the humanist ideal of the universal man projected onto an androgynous image of the king.
At the club, the magnetism of the androgynous performer is total, but, unable to possess this object of desire, the boy opts for the routine and goes home to jerk off.
I want it to be a new, progressive sorority, no molds or limitations,'' said Britney, 42, who has lived as a female for a decade and favors androgynous clothing picked from the women's department.
And it struck me that it's very natural for an androgynous being--natural, not deviant at all--to be attracted to a being of the same sex.
In the foreground, two wideeyed boys, one black, one white, stroll in an awkward, partial embrace through a sort of nightmare schoolyard, tugged by a Scottish terrier toward an androgynous, exotic-looking figure impaled on a spike.
Everybody is talking about the androgynous, neck-to-ankle bodysuit that is either revolutionary or revolting, depending on whom you ask.
A longtime fixture along New York's underground club circuit, the androgynous artist delights in wrapping himself in makeup and rhythms that are more animalistic than gender-driven.
One such portrait is So nja, 1928, in which the beautiful protagonist (a secretary of Schad's acquaintance) sits in the trendy Romanisches Cafe, flanked on either side by fragmentary representations of well-known intellectuals: the poet Max Herrmann-Neisse, identifiable by his oddly shaped ear and hunched back; and Schad's friend, the journalist and entomologist Felix Bryk The attention centers on the sitter's modern independence and androgynous appeal, making the painting an upto-date portrait a l'apparat.
He cited the androgynous antics of David Bowie and the "limp-wrist approach" of Mick Jagger.
Herm (slang for androgynous queer) locates Samson and the boy-band-derivative moves one sees at Le Tigre shows--her tributes to how queer bodies negotiate the world.
Shearer conflates this seemingly disparate material into unholy yet elegant cosmologies (in which photographs of child acto r Mark Lester gleefully drawing swastikas on his hands might sit alongside shots of souped-up muscle cars, androgynous '70s boy bands, and Op art graphics) that bring to mind the social and (sub)cultural scavengings of a Richard Prince or a Mike Kelley.
She is anatomically correct in an androgynous way - a massive version of the old ``visible woman'' models.
The main gallery featured "Motion & Rest," a 2002 series of six wall-mounted works displaying looped footage of the shadowy forms of androgynous walking figures.