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male parthenogenesis in which the embryo contains only paternal chromosomes due to the failure of the egg nucleus to participate in fertilization

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Optimisation of heat shock duration and its application time to induce diploid androgenesis.
Many factors influence androgenesis including plant genotype physiological state of the parent plant microspore development stage temperature pretreatment of flower buds and the culture medium (Bajaj 1990).
La ginogenesis y la androgenesis favorece la obtencion de individuos homocigoticos en la primera generacion y lineas clonales puras en la segunda, por tanto, se disminuye el numero de generaciones necesarias para obtener una linea pura y favorece la obtencion de lineas homocigoticas diferenciandose con la hibridacion tradicional.
Aunque una poblacion extinta puede ser restablecida desde un banco de esperma a traves de la androgenesis, el genoma citoplasmatico o mitocondrial, que es enteramente de la madre, se perderia (Thorgaard y Cloud, 1993).
In a 1994 study of mature rats treated with sodium fluoride, Narayana and Chinoy found that fluoride interfered with androgenesis and damaged the testes by inhibiting the action of testosterone.
On the other hand, haploidy or doubled haploidy can also be achieved from the male gametophyte or its precursors through a pathway known as androgenesis.
Effects of leaf extract of Stephania hernandifolia on testicular gametogenesis and androgenesis in albino rats: a dose-dependent response study.
Although the hybrids between Lolium and Festuca species are usually male sterile with low female fertility (Jauhar, 1993), the androgenesis technique, which produces diploid offspring that carry nuclear chromosomes from only the male parent, was used to select and stabilize useful Lolium-Festuca gene combinations (Lesniewska et al.
Esto hace que se analice en la primera parte del libro "la cuestion feminista en los teoricos socialistas", epigrafe bien significativo que nos hace evocar el concepto de androgenesis.
La glandula sebacea es exquisitamente sensible a pequenas elevaciones hormonales y estas dependen de la androgenesis (figura 1).
Androgenesis could produce paternal ancestor individuals with heterospecific mitochondrial DNA, whereas genome incorporation could disrupt the strictly clonal "meiotic" mechanism of the diploid parthenogen; androgenetic and triploid progeny would thereby provide opportunities for the genetic diversification and evolution of the unisexual hybrid Bacillus.
These homozygous doubled haploids have been induced via either androgenesis (pollen or anther culture) or gynogenesis (ovule or ovary culture) processes, or induced by pollination with irradiated pollen (Islam, 2010; Chen et al.