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a male gametoecium

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The condition represents a special kind of parthenocarpy where in addition to the ovaries; staminodes which are rudiments of androecium in the unisexual female flowers also grow to form multiple fruit-like structures.
The androecium is composed of five stamens that alternate with the petals.
Its inflorescence is comprised of distinct morphological units such bracts, petals, gynaecium, androecium, which may interact causing effect upon the floral longevity, according to Mattiuz et al.
K C A G: calyx, corolla, androecium, and gynoecium, respectively), along with 13 drop-down menus (Figure 4).
Species of Cyclanthera are tendriliferous, usually annual herbs, characterized by the gibbous ovary with an apical placenta and few ascending ovules, the fleshy fruit with explosive dehiscence, and the androecium of a single, horizontal, continuous, circular theca.
Hence, there are morphological and functional androecium differences: the medium stamens playa nutritional role while the long ones playa reproductive one.
Different types of malformations were observed in androecium development in mutant plants.
2) To remove the androecium (the stamens and their appendages) from a flower for crossbreeding purposes.
They are the male reproductive parts of the flower and are collectively called the androecium.
If so, and if this allocation had a genetic basis, then a negative genetic correlation might exist between allocation to the androecium and the gynoecium of flowers.
Among the most important characters for distinguishing the genus is the presence of a zygomorphic androecium with three abaxial stamens; presence of convex, claviform to pyramidal extrafloral nectaries and cylindrical or plane-compressed fruit with inert dehiscence.