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a male gametoecium

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Androecial development and the problem of monophyly of Loasaceac.
For Watson and Dallwitz (1992-), a staminode is a sterile stamen, or a modified structure identifiable as such, borne in the androecial region of the flower.
Evidence for a phylogenetic link between the two androecial configurations, running only in one direction, relies essentially on staminodial structures (see Ronse Decraene & Smets, 1995a).
Staminodial structures may be found within one or two whorls of stamens, depending on the androecial configuration that functions as the starting point.
Androecial initiation is unidirectional, with a delayed initiation of the adaxial staminode, which may not arise at all in some cases (e.
In Couroupita guianensis the abaxial part of the androecial ring primordium is detached as a broad flap of tissue with numerous staminodes covering the fertile stamens like a hood.