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a garnet consisting of calcium iron silicate and having any color ranging from yellow and green to brown and black

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A new deposit of andradite garnet of the demantoid and topazolite varieties has recently been discovered in Antetezambato, Ambanja area, Antsiranana province, North Madagascar.
Lacroix (1922) described garnet occurrences in Madagascar, especially andradite in igneous rocks, and reported the discovery of some crystals of pale green andradite lining cavities in a nepheline-bearing syenite at Mount Bezavona.
Takeda include some fine specimens of dark red-brown vesuvianite found three years ago in the old Kobushi mine, Nagano Prefecture, with sleek, lustrous tetragonal-prismatic crystals to 5 cm long; a couple of excellent thumbnails of axinite-(Fe) from the Obira mine, Oita Prefecture (another old classic); and plenty of good small specimens of "rainbow" andradite from Kitakado, henmilite from the Fuka mine, and crystallized native arsenic from the Akatani mine.
During the last ten years the Lac D'Amiante mine has produced world-class green andradite crystals and the best suolunite specimens ever found.
For around $30 one could pick up a gleaming, miniature-size group of brown andradite crystals from the skarn of the Sinerechenskoye mine, 200 km east of Dalnegorsk in Primorskiy Kraj, Russia.
No, the present world tour will conclude instead in Japan, with some winning specimens of andradite and Japan-law twinned quartz that were on view in the "International Room" of the Main Show, having been brought there by Takeda Kozo of Takeda Mineral Specimens Co.
The Ojos Negros locality has produced the world's finest black andradite (sometimes called "melanite").
Excellent crystals of other minerals have also been found: uvite, pyrite, fluorapatite, andradite, spinel, augite, and hemimorphite, to name just a few.
fr) had a swarm of very small but very bright green specimens showing gemmy andradite dodecahedrons not exceeding 1 cm individually.
Andradite from Cornwall, Pennsylvania was also available, as were one-of-a-kind andradite specimens from California, North Carolina and New England.
Jeff also showed me the only other new thing he had seen that I had not seen: a new find of andradite garnet in superb apple-green crystals collected very recently at the Black Lake mine, Lac D'Amiante, Thetford, Quebec (these also appeared at the Tucson Show: see that show report in the May-June 2007 issue).
Among the skarn silicates, andradite is the best crystallized, occurring as colorless to greenish brown and dark brown crystals to 1 cm which display {110} and/or {211} forms.
Excellent bright green crystals of andradite ("demantoid") have come at rare intervals from the Thetford Mines district near Black Lake, southern Quebec, about 60 km north-northeast of the much more famous Jeffrey mine at Asbestos.
Outcrop collecting sites in the Seriphos skarn rocks are well known for producing fine specimens of ilvaite, andradite and, most of all, the world's best "green quartz," but little has been heard lately of the occurrence.