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a dark grey volcanic rock

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The average Plio-Pleistocene andesite from the Chagai arc shows relatively more resemblance in LILE, HFSE and REE with its counterpart in Zagros arc and less with Japan and Sunda arcs; it greatly differs in these elements with its counterpart n the Andes arc.
The andesite containing the attractive minerals is dark brown in color with a purple tint.
The molten andesite flowed out over older rocks and over time has been eroded to form the rolling Cheviot hills seen today.
Various volcanic facies including massive porphyritic rhyolite, porphyritic rhyolite breccia, dacite breccia, and minor andesite breccia and flows have been recognized in the newly defined Porten Road Formation.
The Ingalls Head Formation consists of grey to purple tuff, minor andesite to dacite flows, and grey to purple mudstone and sandstone.
25 oz/t) and in the sheared andesite hanging-wall of the West Vein (40cm grading 3.
Total quantity or scope: All in all, net as part of purchase framework agreement for road building eruptive and sedimentary crushed stone (basalt, andesite, granite, dolomite, limestone units) 202 588 375 HUF up subject to a ceiling (the maximum amount on which the contracting authority stipulates the possibility of a downward departure from the 30% level).
TOC 06-44 was drilled along the same cross section as drill hole TOC 06-43, but aimed in the opposite direction, to probe the width of the capping andesite and to define the eastern limit of shallow gold mineralization just beyond the andesite.
The project area is shaped like an inverted L with the southern portion nearly covered entirely by the Tireo formation, which consists of andesite and dacitic volcanics with inter-layered sediments generally deposited in a subaqueous environment.
prospect, hole KW06-01 was drilled vertically to 880 feet and encountered sheared and veined intermediate volcaniclastic andesite country rock and interbedded felsic rhyolite to rhyodacite units.
It displays several geological similarities with the Francoeur-Wasa shear zone orebodies, notably mineralization hosted at an andesite - gabbro lithological contact in close spatial association with an hematite - altered felsic intrusive showing some local breccia textures.
TOC 06-37 and TOC 06-39, also located along Cross Section 10, were "stratigraphic" holes, designed to better define the capping andesite and to check the upper extent of gold mineralization.
The SAT Property is underlain by Lower Jurassic Hazelton Group, Telkwa Formation volcanics consisting of massive, fragmental maroon to green andesite.
The Main San Jacinto vein, ranges in width from two to over 20 meters, is composed dominantly of vein breccia, probably of hydrothermal origin, with a fine-grained quartz-chalcedony matrix containing up to 20% silicified andesite and vein fragments.
Following this, Upper Cretaceous volcaniclastic and sedimentary rocks were penetrated prior to the intercepting of the target volcaniclastic and andesite unit at 432 m.