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subsequently or soon afterward (often used as sentence connectors)


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It's going to be a pain in the neck to collect for the first six months and then we'll get the computers set up to do it.
Prodrugs are distinct chemical entities that are administered as a precursor of the active drug and then are converted into the active drug in the body.
It's a similar situation probably to about two months ago, when (Ashby) struggled for three or four starts, and then just after that struggle he was dominant for four or five starts,'' Dodgers first baseman Eric Karros said.
Priority Telecom's service will be launched by UTH first in the Arnhem region of the country and then rolled out to other franchise areas over the course of the next 12 months.
After delivering a 93-mph fastball on a 2-2 count to catcher Tom Lampkin, Brown took a step and then jumped in the air.
Jackson must have meant to spur book sales last week when he recounted to Chicago Sun-Times columnist Rick Telander a private conversation he'd had with Bryant and then added, as if it were an aside and not an act of slander, ``Someone told me that in high school, Kobe used to sabotage his own games.