ancient history

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a history of the ancient world

knowledge of some recent fact or event that has become so commonly known that it has lost its original pertinence

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The humanities department at the college includes A-levels in ancient history, classical civilisation, geography, history and religious studies.
This reminded me exactly why I love ancient history so much.
The participant should conduct a financial audit of the costs of the project "," Ancient History of Sofia, heritage accessible to all "is a measure 1" Restoration, renovation and preservation of cultural heritage "program BG08" Cultural heritage and contemporary arts " financed by the Financial mechanism of the European economic Area 2009-2014.
For more information on Ancient History, please visit www.
University bosses said it would be replaced with a new joint department of classics and ancient history, which will house a new Centre for Archaeological Studies.
All that's ancient history now," said the Walthamstow player.
During the ceremony, Tejendra Khanna, Governor of New Delhi launched a book which includes photos about the Sultanate that reflect the Sultanate's ancient history, civilization and culture.
CHARTERHOUSE They want to sell off Charterhouse, A jewel in the city's crown, Of Coventry's ancient history, A stones throw from the town, It's stood here proud for centuries, This lovely prior of old, Protecting it's historic rooms, It's wealth worth more than gold, If walls could speak What would they say?
Both are top picks for collections strong in ancient history.
Only three years ago the A-Level in ancient history barely survived an attempt by the exam boards to snuff it out altogether, while in the state system, where the carnage has been particularly severe, a bare 15 per cent of secondary schools currently permit students to study the languages or the civilisations of antiquity.
Anyone who thinks ancient history is dry will think again after dipping into this book.
IN THREE generations, Frank Walbank's family climbed from manual work to the highest academic achievement in the study of ancient history.
The article, entitled "Ancient Iran: Inside a nation's Persian soul," is about modern Iran and how current society is entwined with ancient history.
Summary: "Sidon 5,000 years" is the title of an archaeological documentary launched by the British Museum at the Sidon Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Wednesday with the aim of gaining a better understanding of the ancient history of the Southern port city.
The wrong note I know Eurovision is ancient history by now but I've just got to get my tuppenceworth in.
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