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butter blended with mashed anchovies

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Remove pan from oven and add remaining anchovy butter to pan to melt.
1 to make the anchovy butter, blend all the ingredients with 1 tsp water in a small food processor until smooth (pass through a drum sieve if you want a finer finish).
We've been making these for 300 guests for the last four hours now and still have six to go," he said, patting down thin shavings of smoked salmon and generous amounts of anchovy butter.
The snacks are approachable, welcoming alternatives to the more esoteric offerings on partner and executive chef Chris Pandel's menu, which includes dishes such as Braised Goat Ragu, Nicoise Olives, Papardelle, $11 and Grilled Head-on Prawns with Anchovy Butter, $16.
Herb butter and anchovy butter can be forms of compound butter.
Prepare the rosemary and anchovy butter - in a small bowl mix all the ingredients together and set aside.
Grilled lamb cutlets and kidneys take to a smear of anchovy butter like sausage to mustard.
Toss with the anchovy butter, sliced mushrooms, sundried tomato and chopped rosemary.
On the Smith & Wollensky menu in Chicago, you'll find herb butter on swordfish, lemon-lime butter on wall-eyed pike, rosemary or jalapeno butters on other fish (such as halibut, white fish, grouper, red snapper) and anchovy butter on asparagus.
Line a 1-litre terrine with clingfilm and place a layer of smoked salmon at the bottom, followed by a layer of anchovy butter and spinach.
ASPARAGUS & ANCHOVY BUTTER FEUILLETE These tarts are simple to make especially if you use ready rolled puff pastry.
For mains, choose from fillet of cod with surf clams, sea vegetables and vermouth; risotto primavera; Thai baked bass with tamari, mirin and wild ginger; and char-grilled veal chop with asparagus and anchovy butter.
Not a lot of choice for vegetarians, Thai sweet potato and aubergine curry with rice and naan bread seemed the only option unless vegetarian principles stretched to a pan-fried monkfish with sun-blushed tomato sauce, capers and anchovy butter.
I went for the mahi mahi (a white fish) served on top of a good portion of the aforementioned roasted new potatoes with caramelised red onions and anchovy butter.
Spread plain or toasted slices with unsalted butter or an anchovy butter you prepare.