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one retired from society for religious reasons


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Her vocations as an anchoress and as a writer have much in common with the vocations of artists.
For a discussion of these issues in relation to the life of an anchoress, see Rhetoric of the Anchorhold: Space, Place and Body within the Discourses of Enclosure, ed.
An anchoress might well live alone in a cell attached to a church, and her presence seems to have lent an added sanctity to a place.
If you (like me) are a little vague on the definition of anchoress, it is a female version of an anchorite or religious hermit.
There is the gentle statue of the Virgin which hypnotizes the teenage Christine and inspires her to have herself walled up in Anchoress (Chris Newby, 1993).
For me, the most fascinating part of the book was the depiction of Juliana, an anchoress at the priory.
A 20th Century anchoress, a modern equivalent of Julian of Norwich, her paintings echo Julian's saying 'Sin is behovely, but all shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well'.
113) Likewise, the biblical promise to the 'pure in heart' has been transferred to a physical image: in Ancrene Wisse, the heart is imagined as a microcosm of the anchoress, having its own eyes to know and see God.
Furthermore, the two Rolle items copied by the third scribe are known to have been composed for a nun, who later became an anchoress.
Revelations of divine love recorded by Julian, anchoress at Norwich anno domini 1371.
We were reminded of Julian of Norwich, an anchoress remarkable for the depth of insight and understanding in her writings; of Hulda the prophet of Israel in 621BC, consulted by the priests and the king in 1 Kings 22:11-22 for a message from the Lord, the God of Israel; of Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179), now famous for her theology of music, but respected for her preaching which so moved those who heard her that church leaders asked for texts of her sermons; of Angelina Igwo, our contemporary and a leader in the Kenyan Evangelical Lutheran Church, who chose teaching as a profession and started schools in Mombasa in circumstances that would daunt most of us.
If Jesus cannot be properly imaged by a woman, someone neglected to tell English mystic and anchoress Julian of Norwich, who in the 14th century called Jesus "our Mother in kind, in our substantial making--in whom we are grounded and rooted; and he is our Mother of mercy, in taking our sensuality.
55) Thomas Matus, Nazarena: an American Anchoress, New York, 1998, pp.
Films (On Reserve): Chris Newby's Anchoress (1993), Clueless (1994) (modern adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma), Kenneth Branagh's Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1994)
A Book of Showings to the Anchoress Julian of Norwich, Part Two: The Long Text.