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Synonyms for anchorage

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the condition of being secured to a base

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a fee for anchoring

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a city in south central Alaska

the act of anchoring

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Although he was utterly unable to stand erect or to navigate his body across the deck, he still magnanimously proffered his services to pilot the ship to a good and secure anchorage.
Constantly the Russian strained his eyes into the increasing darkness ahead in vain endeavour to pierce the black shadows which lay between him and the anchorage of the Kincaid.
It is called Green Hill: its name being taken from the faintest tinge of that colour, which at this time of the year is barely perceptible from the anchorage.
In the case of the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, it is very much a blessing.
ANCHORAGE, Alaska A United Airlines flight from Chicago to Hong Kong was diverted to Anchorage after a passenger was accused of soiling two bathrooms.
Tenders Are Invited For Supply Of The Following Material On Rate Contract Basis: Prestessing Material 19T15 Tube Anchorage Sel 19T13 Tube Anchorage Set
Seattle, USA-based carrier Alaska Airlines said it will begin flying nonstop between Anchorage and Phoenix, starting Dec.
com)-- It is important to find a professional Anchorage private investigator company that has established credibility and trust.
The Anchorage Horn Club performed a program of light and patriotic music at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer In August, and, in December, holiday music at Anchorage's 5th Avenue Mall.
The Anchorage CVB--in partnership with the city government and the economic development arm--launched the new brand, "Anchorage Big Wild Life," this past January.
Now it's going to cost you $5 on all mealtime flights between Anchorage and Fairbanks and points in the Lower 48 States and between Seattle-Tacoma International and both Chicago's O'Hare International and Dallas/Fort Worth International.
To quote the review of the hardcover in KLIATT, September 2004: In this sequel to the wonderful British fantasy Mortal Engines (an ALA Best Book for YAs: reviewed in KLIATT in November 2003), set in a post-apocalyptic future in which cities travel on great tractor treads and hunt down other towns, our heroes Tom and Hester find themselves passengers on the city of Anchorage, heading across the ice to the rumored green wilderness of America.
Dean Epperson, NCTM, of Anchorage, Alaska, began taking piano lessons with his mother, Mary Epperson.
For other travelers, Anchorage is a transit point between the airport and the cruise ship.
has reached an agreement with Gocom to purchase its Anchorage FOX television affiliate, KTBY.