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the chain or rope that attaches an anchor to a vessel


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I bought 750 feet of one-inch anchor chain to give us the strength we needed to do the pull.
It has a super-bright AMOLED display, updated topside and reporting software and twin crystal probes to assist in taking measurements on highly attenuated materials such as cast iron, measuring link thickness of anchor chains and on particularly heavily corroded steel.
In all eight of the region's lifeboat crews were alerted on Saturday, coastguards said The most serious incident occurred off Red Wharf Bay late on Saturday night when the skipper of a 26-foot yacht was injured trying to move an anchor chain in choppy seas Holyhead Coastguard called out the Moelfre lifeboat who were quickly alongside.
Remember, you're going to be in about 200 feet of water, so don't skimp on the anchor chain or the rode.
Majestic, strong and steadfast, she drops her anchor chain - and the likes of the Ark Royal, we will never see again.
The oil rig support ship was pulling a heavy anchor chain which suddenly slid across the deck and dragged it over in the Chevron field.
Dr Sridhar Shekar, 31, from Leeds, was with his wife when their hired jetski hit a boat's anchor chain, Queensland Police said.
The system includes 9,500 feet of 3-1/4" anchor wire and 4,250 feet of 2-3/4" anchor chain on each of the rig's nine anchor points.
Eplin swims to the anchor chain and waits while his classmates make their splashdowns.
As he wrote, a bird can be kept from flight by a thread or an anchor chain.
It moves past the swaying seaweed and around the rusty anchor chain.
The semisubmersible rigs Ocean Star and Ocean America, which parted their mooring during the height of the hurricane, have both been moved to a shallow-water location where crews are working to replace anchor chain and wire lost during the storm.
All chains must be outside post, Class 2 (Stud Less anchor chain, Grade 2) and must be delivered coated with tar paint.
A relieved Mick sent a photo of a freed anchor chain - jokingly captioned "Best Picture of 2011" - to the Gazette as the ship headed out of the port.
40pm yesterday reporting that his anchor chain had fouled and he was unable to lift it from the sea bed.