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2) That Xiao Yi was the prince's grandfather (called "Father Yi" in Wu Ding's divinations) meant that Ancestress Geng was the prince's grandmother (called "Mother Geng" in Wu Ding's divinations).
Thus matriliny, with its associations with the Iawbei or ancestress, and Suidnia or eldest maternal uncle, is central to the Khasi religion.
My ancestress, the first Marchioness Conyngham, was his last mistress and he stayed at Slane Castle on his State Visit to Ireland in 1821.
Catherine Swinford is ancestress of all British monarchs from the Tudors to the House of Windsor and Prince William himself.
It is only when she goes to stay with her auntie Kara and is shown the priceless ruby locket, an heirloom that belonged to her French ancestress, that her life changes she falls asleep wearing her aunt's locket.
In this instance, that would be that Ruth was an ancestress of King David as a reward for her loyalty to her mother-in-law, expressed in Ruth leaving her family and nation to join a people of whom she knew nothing.
So she is blessed for her loyalty and kindness to her mother-in-law by becoming the ancestress of King David.
17) Spivak remarks that it is in this spirit that Assia Djebar of Algeria claims that the ancestress of the Algerian.
Theories of naturalism underlie Les Rougon-Macquart, about two branches of a family stemming from a common ancestress.
Not only was the Mary the first yacht outside Holland but she was the ancestress of the thousands of racing yachts and dinghies sailing around Britain today.
It was the first time it had known such an event since Lord Hastings's ancestress Rhoda Delaval gave birth to a son in 1756.
Nor is Dana clothed in sainthood, as she persuades her own ancestress to submit to Rufus's sexual demands of risk being beaten to death.
In short, unlike her ancestress, she enjoys complete social, financial, and sexual freedom.
In Graham's Letter to the World (1940), inspired by Emily Dickinson's poetry, Dudley's presence as the Ancestress, the "postponeless Creature," towered.
my ancestress the one woman who is named who speaks in Talmud an actual historical person they say you learned three hundred precepts from three hundred rabbis in a single day a miraculous feat they say when your sons died you forestalled the grief of your husband the great Rabbi Meir saying: if someone lend me two jewels then require them of me what should I do he said: return them then you showed him the dead boys and when your house was robbed your husband wished to curse the thieves so that they would die but you said it would be better to pray for their repentance and they say once when the formalist Rabbi Yose the Galilean met you on the road and asked directions of you you spoke to him ironically: should you not use fewer words when speaking to a woman