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In 1965, the Vatican officially allowed Vietnamese Catholics to conduct their ancestor worship ceremonies.
Chinese hell bank notes are designed to be burned as an offering for relatives in the afterlife as part of the culture of ancestor worship.
This is tied up with ancestor worship and harmony between man and the universe.
For many their spiritual beliefs of animism and ancestor worship are strongly entwined with cultural identity.
As the Revolution sweeps across China, Wang Kat Hing hides up three thousand years of family history against the purge of traditional ancestor worship.
The Vad or Banyan tree appears to be linked with some form of ancestor worship.
Many relics were believed to have miraculous powers, a notion that probably grew out of pre-Christian ancestor worship, although it has biblical underpinnings too: in the Acts of the Apostles, for instance, a piece of cloth touched by St Paul is said to heal the sick.
Boys also play an important role in ancestor worship.
Some of Compton Verney's huge collection of Chinese Bronzes connected with ancestor worship have also been moved into the same gallery.
He charts the complex relationships between organized religion and so-called "Science" (an eclectic combination kabbalah, ancestor worship, obeah, and vodoun) and cites Stephan Palmie's Wizards" and Scientists (Durham, N.
The best known cavern investigated by Beeker's team is Manantial de la Aleta, which researchers suggest was used as a ritual center for ancestor worship.
They're not called "faiths" for nothing, whether we're talking ancestor worship or the religions of the book - Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
In some places, they have blended with new religions from other cultures, so that an African Muslim might combine Islam with the traditional practice of ancestor worship as an African Christian might also do in Christianity.
This is nothing less than modern day ancestor worship.
While celebrations of death, ancestor worship, and associated performances are the purposes for which many of the objects in museum collections were originally conceived, the importance of funerary display is not a thing of the past.